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Passover Meal

Our Passover meal will be held on 19th March this year. Tickets are now on sale between the 9.30 and 11am Masses, and at the 6.30 Mass, or contact Jane on 736069 or 07714 588068. Tickets are the same price as last year - £12 Adult / £6 child. As ever we have to limit the number of places.

Why a Christian Passover?

Passover is deeply rooted in our Jewish heritage. It celebrates passing from slavery to freedom, that mirrors our own journey from darkness to light, from death to life. It is right to celebrate God’s love and care for his chosen people. But above all, Jesus our saviour chose the symbols of Passover to found his new covenant with us. He chose Passover to found the Eucharist. Celebrating Passover in a Christian context enables us to more fully appreciate our roots – indeed some of the prayers of Passover are instantly recognisable as those used in parts of every Mass. And it’s good fun too, whilst building our parish community. Charges are kept to a minimum, but include a full meal and all the wine (there are 4 ritual toasts as well as wine with the meal). The prayers and format we use are based on a real Jewish family Passover, although there are many versions in circulation. Families are encouraged to come and bring their friends in the true tradition of Passover as a family celebration. It’s relaxed and fun, yet devout at the same time. Jesus did a lot of his teaching through table-ministry. Come and see.

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