Parish News

Our Lady’s Poem for 125 years

This is the parish of Our Lady’s, the one that sits by the sea
The one that is close to Blackpool, that’s St Annes to you and to me

It’s stood on the spot for many a year, its bricks lodged firm in the sand
One hundred and twenty five years its been, and as we say round here that’s grand

To name all the priests would take such a time, they’ve been many and varied that’s true
To miss a name could be such a crime so in memory I’ll leave that to you

And then there’s the people that have come and gone, how many have there been?
All adding to its glorious past their works going largely unseen.

We’ve upgraded and changed from steam to gas, we’ve changed from the old to the new
We’ve painted and scraped and plastered afresh and we’ve got a new organ too.

High atop the slates and sandy steeple sits a boat and a silent bell
It is a shame it rings no longer, for it rang so very well!

There’ve been groups galore, the CWL, right through to the KSC
The Operatics, the Guilds, the Ladys that sew and the men from the SVP

The flower fairies that arrange the blooms to make the church smell sweet
The devout parishioners and their Hail Marys to save our souls – that’s neat!

So many really to try and name, for this poem I’ve done what I can
If I’ve left one out I did my best  after all I am just a man

There’s the Parish Centre all dressed in blue, it sits at the end of an alley
But please take care it’s infested by sharks so you really shouldn’t dally

Baptisms, weddings and funerals abound, First Communions too
All these holy services that lights the faith in you

And so the church just carries on, season into season
From Easter, Christmas back to Lent there really is a reason

To worship God and give Him thanks is just as we oughta
This glorious church Our Ladys so much more than bricks and mortar!

By Leo Appleton & Rob Fearn